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This treatment uses a non-invasive pioneering technique that is able to stimulate, using various techniques, the physiological enzymatic chain of the breakdown of fats.

As opposed to other devices that can be found on the market, Adipolight offers a revolutionary system that stimulates the physiological breakdown of fats not only thanks to radio-lipolysis, a low power laser that is commonly used in other similar treatments.

What makes this treatment unique, it that it incorporates innovative techniques such as radio-lipolysis, which activates heat shock proteins, or HCP Mesotherapy, which facilitates penetration of cellular cytoplasm of spe­cific substances, such as phosphatidylcholine, with the unique goal of activating fat break­down in any area of the body experiencing accumulations of fat and in all tissue types, including flabby tissue. Therefore, we can apply this technique to arms, stomach, calves, hips, double chins and thighs. .

When applying this method, the body generates a reaction which increases, amongst other specific features, extracellular water levels. This treatment therefore positively decreases liquids and toxins present in cellulitic tissue, thus reducing volume and resulting in a notable improvement in skin,  boosting the technique's results.

Adipolight is what you need to make you feel good. It is cost effective, easy to use and does not require the assistance of a technician. Completely pain free, without cuts, needles, sores or scars. Furthermore, you can combine this treatment with other equipment, obtaining visible results from your first session. Guaranteed!

This innovative treatment provides you with:

  • Multipads: Eight pads that include ten 30 mW low power laser diodes (3B class) with a wavelength of 630-680 nm (red sprites), that stimulate the physiological breakdown of fats.
  • Singlepads: Two pads with a 30 mW low power laser diode (3B class) with a wavelength of 630-680 nm that optimise lymphatic stimulation and movement of cell content outside the treatment area.


Monopolar RF Head and HPC virtual mesotherapy This head is designed to generate heat in the deepest part of the skin, acting on fat tissue in addition to offering HPC technology virtual mesotherapy which, for a transitional period, increases the permeability of cell membranes to facil¬itate energy and apidolight emulsion reaching the deepest layers.
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